July 24, 2022

Safe and Effective Methods of Taking CBD

With the growth in popularity of CBD in the UK over the last few years, more and more people are choosing to take CBD, yet many remain unaware of the various methods of taking CBD available to them.

Due to the fact that CBD is available in a range of different forms, there are a variety of different methods that have become associated with taking CBD including inhaling it, eating it, drinking it and applying it topically.

Here is a brief guide on the most common methods of taking CBD safely and effectively.

Eating CBD

Safe & Effective methods of taking CBD

As you would expect, when you eat edible CBD products the CBD is transported through the body by the digestive system and is therefore processed by the liver before it is made available for use by the body. This process can vary in length depending on the type of CBD edible in which the CBD is being transported.

The main consideration with CBD edibles is that the hemp plant is a lipo-solvent meaning that it dissolves in fat rather than water which is why the majority of edibles available are sweet products such as gummies.

When manufacturing CBD edibles, the standard method involves extracting the CBD from the hemp plant itself and then containing it in some form of fat which is then used to create a variety of CBD edibles.

The most common way of doing this at home would be containing the CBD in butter or oil and then making your own CBD edibles with those products. However, it is more common to buy readymade CBD edible products as they are now readily available online.

There are only two concerns when it comes to CBD edibles:

  • Getting the dosage right
  • Having to contain CBD in fat

The most common issue with CBD edibles is that it is extremely difficult to correctly gauge the dosage, especially if making CBD edibles yourself. This is because getting the correct dose is highly individual and depends on an individual’s metabolism which can be influenced by a number of external factors.

The second issue is the need to use some form of fat when making CBD edibles and whilst having fat in your diet is recommended it is essential that you consider how CBD edibles will fit into your personal diet.

Applying CBD Topically

In the modern world, it is now possible to buy CBD in various different forms including oils, creams and balms and even sprays.

This has opened up a whole other method of consuming CBD. Applying CBD topically is a great option for treating pain in specific areas making them ideal for targeted pain relief. Topical CBD products, such as CBD creams, can also be used in combination with other CBD products as long as you act with due caution.

Topical CBD products, the most common being CBD creams and CBD balms are ideal for treating traditional joint and muscle pain. However, that being said, they are also widely useful for treating and easing pain caused by muscle diseases,  such as arthritis, which can be eased with the correct combination of CBD products.

Whilst we have covered the most common methods of taking CBD, due to a large amount of CBD products out there, there are other methods better suited to different products and each CBD product will have to be consumed in a certain way.

If you are ever unsure most CBD products come with instructions on how to use the product, CBD sprays for example can be taken orally by spraying the CBD solution under the tongue and waiting a few seconds before swallowing.

It is also important to remember that the method of taking CBD you choose may depend on your required dose as some CBD products aren’t suitable for those that require an extremely low dose. Always check with a professional if you are unsure of your recommended CBD dosage.

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