Voyager Hemp Yoga Mat


Available in four colours: Burgundy, Black, Turquoise, and Blue. Includes a Voyager Hemp Yoga Strap.
180cm by 60cm in size.

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About Voyager Hemp Yoga Mat

The Voyager Hemp Yoga Mat is available in four colours: Burgundy, Black, Turquoise, and Blue. Includes the Voyager Hemp Yoga Strap. It is180cm by 60cm in size and a mixture of hemp-based materials is used to create our eco-friendly yoga mat.  It is made with a mixture of hemp and PVC. Both the mat and surface are non-stick.

Hemp is a fantastic material for a yoga mat because it is strong and environmentally beneficial. Please be aware that there can be a tiny colour variation since this is a natural product.

Why use hemp?

Hemp grows quickly—from seed to harvest, it takes about 90 to 120 days—and is a sustainable crop that uses less water than cotton. Hemp is a fantastic crop for organic farming since it flourishes without pesticides. The hemp plant not only has incredible therapeutic capabilities but it can also be used to make paper, clothing, pet goods, nutrients, and even concrete and plastic. Voyager decides to utilise hemp in our products to support the cause of sustainability and demonstrate the wide range of applications for the hemp plant.

Manufactured by Voyager CBD.

Additional information


Blue, Black, Burgundy, Turquoise


Voyager CBD

Established in Perth, Scotland, Voyager CBD provides consumers with the finest quality CBD and hemp seed oil products. Their brand range includes supplements, oils, skincare, hair care and pet care products.
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