Third Eye CBD Capsules



A super convenient way to consume CBD

Third Eye CBD capsules are a simple and convenient way to add CBD supplements into your daily routine. It's made of 100% pure full-spectrum CBD.

All the benefits of CBD Capsules without the taste of hemp in a capsule

Third Eye CBD capsules are a great way to incorporate high-quality, full-spectrum CBD into your daily routine because they are so simple to use. Each CBD capsule contains 25 milligrammes of CBD, and it comes available in a box of 30 that contains a total of 750mg of CBD in total.

Some people simply don't like the taste of hemp, and it's easy to understand why. Hemp has a distinct taste that some people may find unpleasant. Capsules are completely tasteless making them the ideal delivery method for CBD for individuals who prefer no taste.

Use CBD capsules to improve your quality of life.

CBD capsules might be worth a try given their wealth of positive effects and lack of harmful side effects.

However, if you ever use a drug treatment concurrently, speak with your doctor to be sure you won't experience any negative side effects.

These capsules are laboratory tested and contain MCT Oil, animal gelatin and full-spectrum CBD distillate.

Manufactured by Third Eye Cannabinoids.

Additional information


Organic Chai Tea, Night Infusion Herbal Tea

Organic CBD Herbal Tea Ingredients

Date (date, rice flour)*, apple*, lemon balm*, raspberry leaves*, chamomile*, carrot*, fennel*, lemon peel*, verbena leaves*, natural flavouring*, yarrow (yarrow)* , hop flowers*, St. John's wort*, peach*, lavender*, cornflower flowers*, 30% CBD biomass.

*Ingredients from organic farming.

Organic Chai Tea Ingredients

China Sencha Green Tea*, Cinnamon Sticks*, Lemongrass*, Ginger*, China Jasmine Green Tea*, Nettle*, Anise*, Fennel*, Black Pepper*, Cloves*, Cardamom*, Organic CBD Biomass 30% .

*Ingredients from organic farming.


Third Eye Cannabinoids

Third Eye Cannabinoids was born from a passion for the cannabis plant with more than 15 years of experience in the legal cannabis industry. They are committed to creating and manufacturing high-quality, healthy  CBD formulas that will positively impact health and wellbeing.
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