Purpl Pro Cannabis Potency Testing Device



What exactly is Purpl Pro?

In a word, it’s a little (5-second) portable potency testing device that connects to your smartphone and tells you the potency of your cannabis flower. The Purpl Pro provides simple, straightforward, and immediate results within 2% of most lab findings.

Cultivators, Distributors, Manufacturers, Extractors, Dispensaries, and Consumers can all use this innovative device in an unlimited number of ways.

Before formal lab testing, determining cannabis potency;

As you advance in your career, you’re fully aware of the necessity of research and development.
Pre-harvest testing aids in finding the sweet spot before harvesting (CBD companies, read this one twice).
Make sure the product you’re buying or selling is accurate.
Plus, many more.

Purpl PRO is Purple Scientific’s flagship product and the cannabis industry’s first affordable, accurate, and portable potency testing system. It’s a cross between a hockey puck-sized “laboratory bench” and a smartphone app that allows users to control the device remotely.

Purpl PRO makes use of near-infrared spectroscopy, which involves shining light on a sample and measuring how much light bounces back. Molecules react to specific wavelengths of light in this part of the spectrum (beyond the red light that humans can see) to create a “molecular fingerprint” related to concentration.

The Purpl PRO was calibrated using HPLC data from multiple state-certified testing labs.

The Purpl Pro Kit includes:

– Carrying Case – Crush-resistant and watertight, with calibration puck.

– Sample Holder – Grind, will, and slide onto the bench to test your sample.

– Bench – Uses Bluetooth and optical testing technologies.

– USB Cable – Connects the bench to a USB 2.0+ power supply for charging.

– Mobile App – For viewing and saving results. Available on iOS and Android.

– Web Portal – Integrated with the app, offering additional desktop features.

Requirements for Phones

– Version 11.0 and later of Apple’s iOS; Android version 5.0 and later of Google’s Android

– Wifi or a data connection to the network is required for phone connectivity.

– Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to send and receive data (BLE)

Manufactured by Purpl Scientific.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


Purpl Scientific

Purpl Scientific is an advanced tech organisation with a team of innovators, scientists and engineers based in Finland. They have focused their experience in agricultural testing and plant analysis to create a revolutionary, affordable testing kit that provides accurate insight and intelligence about products and potency for cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and dispensary owners.


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