Hempresso On The Go-Go


15 bio-degradable coffee bags.
Approximately 10mg of CBD per coffee bag.


Hempresso On The Go-Go CBD Coffee Bags


The Hempresso On The Go-Go CBD Coffee Bags is the answer for people who like to be out and about.

Many of us regularly engage in outdoor activities. Whether you prefer camping, hiking, or going to festivals, you'll certainly agree that it may be challenging to get a good cup of coffee, especially if you find yourself stranded in a remote area.

If you enjoy being outside, you undoubtedly already recognise the health benefits of including CBD in your diet. When you are organising your next excursion, don't forget to include our ground-breaking CBD coffee bags since they won't let you down. Hempresso now allows you to physically be up the side of a mountain and yet be able to taste our distinctive single-origin, ground Arabica coffee.

Because of the ingenious design, the coffee may permeate the bag like it would a tea bag. Better yet, the entire product is fully biodegradable and is available in convenient packs of 15 coffee bags.

Manufactured by Hempresso.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Ingredients & Allergens

Approx 10mg of CBD per coffee bag. Vegan Friendly.



Hempresso considers Arabica coffee one of the most prestigious, so it was the bean they chose when creating their signature range of hemp-infused coffee. Arabica works really well with hemp and is renowned for its rich and full-bodied taste, encapsulating hints of rich chocolate, sweet honey and undertones of blueberries making it a popular choice among coffee lovers. They have split their CBD-infused coffee range into several options designed to help you decide which product suits you and your lifestyle the best.
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