Hempresso Hot Chocolate Heaven


Hot chocolate with CBD infusions gives you a comforting hug in a cup and delivers 15mg per serving.


Hempresso Hot Chocolate Heaven

If you're a hot chocolate lover and want to add CBD into your life, then the Hempresso Hot Chocolate Heaven is the perfect drink to try. This wonderful hot chocolate is a 15mg/mug CBD-infused hot chocolate that feels like a warm embrace in a cup.

Simply add hot water or milk, stir well, then sit back and enjoy this naturally sweet and made with the best cocoa beans product. Hempresso hot chocolate is available for consumption at home, at work, and when travelling.

CBD hot chocolate is a simple, tasty way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. You may give your favourite drink a twist by mixing it with it to make a mocha, or you can simply sip on this comforting cocoa before bed while reading a nice book. You can also add whipped cream to your CBD hot chocolate if you wish.

Manufactured by Hempresso.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Ingredients & Allergens

Each 200g bag of Hempresso hot chocolate contains 200mg of CBD and can be made with hot milk or water. Vegan Friendly



Hempresso considers Arabica coffee one of the most prestigious, so it was the bean they chose when creating their signature range of hemp-infused coffee. Arabica works really well with hemp and is renowned for its rich and full-bodied taste, encapsulating hints of rich chocolate, sweet honey and undertones of blueberries making it a popular choice among coffee lovers. They have split their CBD-infused coffee range into several options designed to help you decide which product suits you and your lifestyle the best.

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