Flora Fusion CBD Patches


30x CBD topical patches with 15mg Cannabidiol (CBD) is an alternative for CBD oil, capsules, CBD isolates and other consumption methods.

Each topical patch contains 15mg CBD from organically cultivated hemp and 0% THC – which totals 450mg CBD in a pack with 30 patches!

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Flora Fusion CBD Patches

The 30x CBD topical patches with 15mg from Flora Fusion CBD Patches are the perfect substitute for CBD oil, pills, isolates, and other delivery systems. They are convenient and easy to use and suit people who don't like the taste of CBD oils or isolates, or people who struggle with taking capsules and pills.

Each topical patch has 15 mg of organically grown hemp-derived CBD and no THC, for a total of 450 mg of CBD in each pack of 30 patches.

Benefits of CBD Patches

The fact that CBD topical patches are SO EASY to use is their main benefit. Over a period of at least 12 and as long as 36 hours, the CBD that is available is released gradually. With the help of a practical, discrete topical patch, you can get the necessary cannabinoids during the day and night without having to worry about remembering to take a new dose of CBD oil. Transdermal CBD has a high bioavailability, hence these patches are thought to be very powerful.

When all of the CBD is absorbed by the body, the coloured grid on Flora Fusion's CBD topical patches may slightly fade. They are therefore undetectable and subtle. The topical CBD patch is 100% THC free and has undergone independent scientific testing, so it won't get you high. It does, in fact, have a guaranteed 15mg of the best CBD per patch.

Manufactured by Flora Fusion.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Directions of use

Place one CBD topical patch on a dry and hairless spot around the affected area or upper arm.
Slightly press the patch onto the skin for about 5 seconds.
Remove the CBD patch after 12-36 hours or once the ink has faded.
Individual results may vary.

NOTE: Flora Fusion CBD topical patches may lose their adhesion/effectiveness when they get wet during showers/baths.


Flora Fusion

Flora Fusion is one of the biggest developers of quality Organic CBD products in Scotland and the EU. In Scotland, they are well known to have the highest-rated CBD company with a customer base that absolutely loves their products and education about the Endocannabinoid system and CBD. Their happy customer reviews say it all.


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