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CalmCanis Happy Chews for Dogs

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  • 🐕Relieve separation anxiety and stress
  • ⚡Calmness during storms or fireworks
  • 🔥 Reduce joint and arthritis-induced pain
  • 💤Improve the quality of sleep
  • 🛡️Strengthen Immune System
  • 🌿100% Natural
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CalmCanis Happy Chews For Dogs helps with Anxiety!


Do you have a pup that is struggling with anxiety, is in need of natural joint pain relief or just a better night's sleep?

These are all the reasons why you and your pup will love CalmCanis Happy Chews!

🌿 Relaxes anxiety during separation from his owner

🌿 Calming effect during storms and firework events

🌿 Better night's sleep and less anxious howlings

🌿 Relaxed behaviour during unpleasant situations and towards other animals

🌿 Natural joint pain relief and faster post-trauma recovery

🌿 Provides an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the immune system


Learn more about the Key Ingredients!


Full Spectrum Oil

Full-Spectrum Oil supplies the body's endocannabinoid system, which influences the brain, heart, and mood, with a vital dosage of phytonutrients. Different "terpenes" found in FSO support anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and immune system boosting characteristics.

✔ Promotes the neurological system's relaxing effects

✔ Has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects.

✔ Promotes joint mobility and flexibility



The herb ashwagandha aids immune system stimulation, anxiety reduction, and regulation. It has components that promote anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neurological activity, which can assist a healthy reaction to stress and general wellbeing.

It supports mental and physical health by promoting healthy neural and cardiovascular systems. It also helps to keep the hormone and immune system balanced.



It is well known that flaxseeds are a good thiamine (Vitamin B1) source, which is necessary to maintain ideal canine health. The brain, high-energy organs, neurological system, and motor skills of a dog benefit from this prebiotic.

✔ Helps to ease symptoms of arthritis
✔ Supports digestion by helping to breakdown carbohydrates
✔ Assisting in maintaining healthy skin and coat


Passion Flower

This floral herb has been grown for many years, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for various medical uses. Dopamine and serotonin are not broken down due to the assistance provided by passion flower, which improves mood and temperament.

Encourages relaxation and sound sleep, which is excellent for reducing separation anxiety. Prevents oxidative stress.



CalmCanis' story begins with a little Alsatian pup named Bolt who came from the local animal shelter to live with CalmCanis' family. Bolt's life before leaving him with deep emotional scars and severe health problems. Trips to the vet didn't help him gain more energy, and expensive medications caused him various allergic reactions - until Bolt had full-spectrum oil added to his food. Bolt is not angry and reactive to stranger dogs anymore and started sleeping better at night.

Now, CalmCanis is looking to help other dogs be healthier & happier.

Additional information

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Organic full-spectrum oil, ashwagandha, flaxseeds, passion flower, organic oats, organic peanut butter, whole dried eggs.

Directions for Use

Less than 11 lbs / 5kg:
2 bites / day

11 to 25 lbs / 5 to 10kg:
3 bites / day

25 to 50 lbs / 11 to 22kg:
6 bites / day

Over 50 lbs / 22kg:
8 bites / day

*For every extra 11 lbs / 5kg add 2 bites / day

Product benefits

Helps with fear of loud noises
Helps with Anxiety
Helps with Excessive Aggression
Reduces Stress

Product Features

GMO-Free, Plant-based, Allergen-free, No additives, Soy-free, For all dog sizes


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