8000kicks Stripe Hemp Socks

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The world's first Stripe Hemp socks 🌲🧦

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Hemp up your wardrobe with 8000kicks stripe hemp socks from premium hemp fiber. Super comfortable and durable, they are super comfy and straightforward to wear with your favourite pair of hemp shoes.


🦶 Highly adjustable

💨 Breathable

🦠 Antibacterial

Manufactured by 8000kicks.



8000kicks introduced the world to the very 1st waterproof hemp shoe, creating a whole new category into casual sustainable footwear. Their range expands into other fashion accessories such as hats and backpacks as well as socks, face masks and dog toys.

Additional information

Weight.1 kg
Size Guide

Small for W6 - W8, EU36 - EU39

Medium for W8 - W10, M8 - M10, EU40 to EU43

Big for M11 - M14, EU44 to EU48


Medium, Large


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