CBD Oils & Drops

CBD oil has become a global trend and is now the go-to supplement for those who are taking their health and well-being more seriously. We've partnered with some of the best manufacturers and brands to bring you a range of high-quality oils and drops.

High quality CBD oils, from trusted brands.

CBD is a non-psychoactive component of Cannabis sativa. It is different from other cannabinoids, but they share some common traits. They are all ligands that modulate receptors.  CB1 receptors are widespread and are found in many parts of the brain, including areas that control memory, movement, and emotion. CB2 receptors are mainly found in the immune system. Different cannabinoids have different effects on different receptor sites.

While there are some positive results from CBD use, it is still important to look for the quality of the product. CBD is safe and can be taken in small doses. It is best to consult a healthcare provider before beginning CBD therapy. For first-time users, CBD may be too strong, so it is recommended to start with a low dosage. Once you've gotten used to the oil, you can then gradually increase the dosage.

Cannabinoid Based Oils & Drops

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the experts say about CBD?
Research suggests that CBD may have a beneficial effect on patients suffering from depression. It may work by altering the way the brain responds to serotonin, a chemical responsible for regulating mood. Serotonin levels can be low in people with depression, and CBD may help the brain utilize what serotonin is present. However, more studies are needed to confirm this benefit.
How much CBD oil can I take?
Some scientific studies suggest that higher doses of CBD can have an effect on the liver, but there have been very few studies that are relevant to levels found in food. As a precaution, we recommend that healthy adults not exceed 70mg per day, unless a doctor agrees otherwise. This is approximately 28 drops of 5% CBD.
Are these products tested?
CBD oils should be tested for contaminants and should also have a certificate of analysis from a reputable company. A reputable brand will provide this information to customers, and it is easy to obtain through a QR code or by email. If there is a discrepancy between the COA and the product label, you should avoid the product.
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