June 8, 2022

A Guide to CBD Oil – Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

CBD oil continues to be one of the most popular forms of CBD available today. It is a simple and affordable method for many people to obtain their daily intake of CBD and be a great place to start for those new to the world of CBD.

However, many people still don’t understand the full story behind CBD oil, its benefits, and its potential side effects despite its popularity.

With that in mind, here is a brief guide to everything you need to know about CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil?

Guide to CBD Oil - Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

As a finished product, CBD oil is the extract of the hemp plant that has been mixed and combined with other common oils to dilute it. The CBD used can be from either the whole of the hemp plant or from CBD isolates.

For example, here at Hemp Path, we have a range of CBD oils with variants made from CBD oil extracted from the whole plant and those made from oil extracted from CBD isolates.

The main difference between the two is that the term Isolates is given to the extraction process when it is pure CBD. The “whole-plant” extraction method protects and preserves other useful cannabinoids such as terpenes and flavonoids as well as CBD.

Ultimately you will receive the benefits associated with CBD oil either way, and it is down to personal preference as to which type of CBD oil you choose to purchase.

What can CBD Oil be used for?

It will likely be the case that you discover that CBD oil can be used for various reasons, and many users of CBD oil, or CBD products in general, will use them for a variety of different reasons. There is also an abundance of research available that breaks down the science behind CBD and its many benefits.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD, and by extension, CBD  oil, has been renowned for helping ease the negative effects associated with anxiety and stress, and there have been many positive results from people who have used CBD to help ease varying levels of anxiety.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

CBD oil is quickly becoming more recognised for its pain-relieving properties and is a more natural alternative to traditional medicines and painkillers. In fact, the NHS has even recognised the use of “medical cannabis” – however, this is only officially prescribed to very few people experiencing severe conditions.

With that in mind, however, CBD oil can be purchased legally and is widely used by many to help reduce the effects of joint and muscle pain due to the anti-inflammatory properties generally associated with CBD.

CBD Oil for Skin Treatment

One of the lesser-known benefits of CBD oil is the ability to help treat and reduce the effects of various skin ailments and conditions such as eczema and acne. However, there is currently no definitive scientific research into the evidence that CBD oil helps reduce acne despite many people experiencing positive results.

It is predicted that many people see results due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties of CBD, which can help soothe the skin and reduce irritation and itching.

What are the side effects of CBD Oil?

As with any medication or other form of natural medicine, CBD oil is not a 'cure-all' solution and cannot treat every disease and ailment out there.

Furthermore, as with any medication, it is always essential to know the possible side effects.

Some of the potential side effects that could be triggered by CBD oil include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Dry Mouth
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Changes in Mood and Appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Tiredness

Whilst negative side effects are uncommon; they aren’t impossible. If you experience any of the side effects listed above, it is advised that you report it to your doctor or a medical professional to determine the correct course of action.

Can CBD oil get you high?

In short, CBD oil cannot get you high as it doesn’t contain enough THC, which is the chemical found in cannabis plants that gives you the experience of being “high”.

All ingredients used in our range of CBD oils are natural, with CBD being the main chemical extracted and used for our oils.

Whilst our products may contain small traces of THC, they contain below the legal limit of 0.2% and definitely below the amount required to get you “high”.

Is CBD Oil addictive?

The simple answer to this question is no.

A substance can only become addictive when our brain’s ‘pleasure hormones’ are targeted. Over time when this reaction has repeated, the dopamine produced in our brain becomes used to it and therefore produces less of it.

This would make you use more of something to try to repeat and recreate that feeling of euphoria.

CBD Oil doesn’t include any of the ‘addictive’ chemicals, you cannot become addicted to CBD Oil.

Here at Hemp Path, we specialise in CBD oil and are happy to provide any more information you require or answer any questions you may have; simply contact our team for more information.

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